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Shandong U-May CNC Technology Co., Ltd.

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Engraver CO2 Laser Machine for Bamboo and Wood
Engraver CO2 Laser Machine for Bamboo and Wood
Engraver CO2 Laser Machine for Bamboo and Wood
Engraver CO2 Laser Machine for Bamboo and Wood
Engraver CO2 Laser Machine for Bamboo and Wood

Engraver CO2 Laser Machine for Bamboo and Wood

지불 유형: L/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union
Incoterm: FOB,CIF
최소 주문량: 1 Set/Sets
배송 시간: 15 일

기본 정보

    모형: UT-1390L

    신청: 가죽 산업, 인쇄 및 포장, 건설 산업, 몰드 및 다이, 공예품 Industr, 광고 산업

    냉각 시스템: 수냉

    기술 수업: 다른

    자동 급료: 오토매틱

    해당 재질: 비금속

    유형: 다른

    레이저 분류: 다른

    조각 방법: 벡터 판화

    Laser Type: CO2 Laser

    Working Area: 1300*900mm (Can Tailor-made For You)

    Laser Power: Reci 80w/100w/130w/150w

    Laser Tube Cooling Type: S&A Industrial Water Chiller

    Cutting Speed: 0-24000mm/min

    Working Voltage: AC110v/220v 50Hz/60Hz

    Laser Control System: RDC6442S Control System

    Working Table: Blade Table ( Alternative Honeycomb Table )

    Lens And Mirror: American Mirrors

    Minimum Letter Size: English:1mm X1mm; Chinese: 2mm X 2mm

Additional Info

    포장:  Standard inner plastic wrap and outer plywood case for Laser engraving and cutting machine.

    생산력: 100

    상표: UTECH

    수송: Ocean,Land

    원산지: Jinan, Shandong, China

    공급 능력: 100

    인증 : CE, ISO9001

    포트: Shanghai,Qingdao,Guangzhou

제품 설명

Engraver CO2 Laser Machine for Bamboo and Wood

Product Description

Compared with traditional cutting, laser cutting has the following advantages:
1. The cutting speed is fast, which can improve the working efficiency, more than ten times of the traditional cutting production efficiency.
2. With fine processing technology, narrow cutting mouth, small cutting seam and excellent precision, it can process and cut micro parts with high difficulty.
3. The surface of laser cutting is smooth and can be used without repeated processing, which can save working hours and labor costs and play an excellent job optimization role.
4. In the cutting operation, the heat affected area is very small, and the materials around the cutting seam are not affected, so that the probability of workpiece deformation is very small, and the cutting quality of the product is good.
5. There is no touch between the nozzle and the workpiece when the laser cutting machine is cutting, which will greatly reduce the wear of materials.

Machine Advantages:

1. Acrylic transparent cover can not only isolate the internal and external environment, but also facilitate people to observe the processing process and the working state of the machine in time;
2. Adopt imported high-precision guide rail system to ensure processing accuracy and service life;
3. The movable universal wheel makes the movement of the machine more convenient;
4. Laser tube adopts industry model products to ensure processing accuracy and durability;
5. Electric lifting platform + automatic focusing device + red light indication;
6. The optical lens adopts high-strength gold-plated silicon and aspheric focusing lens, so the lens is resistant to scrubbing and high temperature and does not need to be replaced frequently, which reduces the recovery cost. The focusing diameter of the aspheric lens is small and the cutting effect is good;
7. Adopt DSP control system, run smoothly, modularization, uniform design, uniform installation, strong anti-interference ability, easy to detect and replace parts;
8. The laser tube adopts the forced water-cooled valve rod. Water pump or chiller can control temperature automatically;
9. Applicable to Al, CDR, BMP, DST, DSB, PXF ETO and other modes.

CO2 Laser Engraving-1


CO2 Laser Engraving-2

Application Industry:
clothing and accessories, leather products, plush toys, advertising and decoration, craft gifts, paper products, bamboo and wood products, electronic appliances, lighting, packaging and plate making, daily necessities model, shadow carving, packaging lining and printing, food, wood model, jigsaw, electrical plastic products, furniture, mica, insulation materials and other industries.

Applicable materials:
all kinds of cloth, leather, plexiglass, cardboard plastic PET / PVC / PC / ABS, mica board, felt cloth, sponge, foam, pearl cotton, EVA, fiber material, silica gel material, composite material, epoxy resin, paper, wood bamboo, rubber, resin, ceramics, granite, acrylic, wood, cloth, wool, and other non-metallic materials.

Industry uses:
clothing stick cloth embroidery, weaving Mark, trademark cutting, clothing accessories carving, punching, edge cutting; leather punching, lofting, cutting materials; plexiglass, plastic, PVC, paper, wood and bamboo cutting; wood and bamboo, ceramics, granite, shadow carving industry sculpture.

Detailed Images

CO2 Laser Engraving-5

CO2 Laser Engraving-3

CO2 Laser Engraving-4

1390 Laser engraving machine
Working area
1300*900mm (Can tailor-made for you)
Laser power
Reci 80w/100w/130w/150w
Laser tube type
Sealed CO2 glass laser tube
laser tube cooling type
S&A Industrial Water Chiller
Cutting speed
Repositioning accuracy
Working voltage
AC110v/220v 50Hz/60Hz
Consuming power
Laser control system
RDC6442S control system
Driving system
YAKO stepper motor YKD3505M-DK-B1 and driver YK368-826G
Working table
Blade table ( Alternative Honeycomb table )
Linear guide
ABBA square rail (sub-brand of SKF)
Lens and mirror
American Mirrors
Graphic format supported
Software supported
CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD
Minimum letter size
English:1mm x1mm; Chinese: 2mm x 2mm
Running environment
Temperature: 0°c-45°c; humidity: 5%-95%
Optional parts
UP/Down working table, Rotary, Auto focus
auxiliary device
Air Pump, Exhaust Fan, Water Chiller, Tool box
All acrylic transparent cover
Another features
Red light point, Water protection switch, Open cover protection, Galvanized sheet machine frame


CO2 Laser Engraving-6

Our Company

CO2 Laser Engraving-7

Shandong U-MAY CNC Technology CO., LTD. is located in Jinan, the spring city of China. The brand name on the market is UTECH, which is a new brand launched by the company since its construction in 2014. The main products of the company are CNC machine tools, laser engraving machines, plasma engraving machines, fiber laser marking machines, etc. Regarding products, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of "Smart Solution, Better Tomorrow", aiming to provide the CNC engraving machines with high quality and excellent guarantee for the whole world.

In recent years, our company has followed the development of The Times and entered the transition period. By 2019, our carving machines are more actively sold to North America, the Middle East, Western Europe, southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other regions, and have a stable dealer agency in some regions.


CO2 Laser Engraving-8

Our Team

CO2 Laser Engraving-9

Customer Feedback

CO2 Laser Engraving-10

Product Package

CO2 Laser Engraving-12

The inner layer is wrapped with plastic film to protect the machine from friction damage caused by collision during transportation. The outer layer is a standard wooden box to stabilize the fuselage.

Our Service

Pre-sales Service
Ⅰ Inquiry and consulting support. 10 working days to produce the machine, meanwhile, we will report the production process in time.
Ⅱ Sample testing support.
Ⅲ View our Factory

After-sales Service
Ⅰ Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine by internet. 24 hours technical support by email, calling , if u have any problems, we will within 12 hours to solve it.
Ⅱ Some machine parts ( quality problems ) can be free charge to replace it within warranty.


1. How to guarantee the product to me? Is the purchase procedure complicated?
After you purchase Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine, we will keep in touch with you. The specific delivery process is in accordance with international trade practices, you can rest assured. If there is any doubt on some matters, the two sides can negotiate and deal with it.

2. What should I do if the product is found defective upon receipt of the goods?
Under normal circumstances, we will make strict inspection and test before the product leaves the factory. Video inspection is allowed if conditions permit. If you have time, you can come to our factory for on-site inspection. We will mail the missing parts and components in time.

3. How is the product packaged?
Product packaging is divided into three layers. The outer box is made of wood craft box.In the middle, the machine is covered with foam to protect it from vibration. The inner layer is waterproof and moisture-proof with thickened plastic bags.

4. Why can you trust us?
Our products are of high quality. We import important parts and components from Taiwan, Japan, etc., and have a series of relevant certificates as the basic guarantee. The whole process of assembly and processing has a full range of monitoring.In addition, the after-sales treatment is quite rigorous, and we will have technical staff to answer questions online in time.

5. What kind of factory is it?
Our company belongs to typical industrial and trading a shape, a statement that it is very
important, because the factory can control the machine quality, and trade departments can correct fully introduce to the buyer, integrating two department, not only guarantee the product quality, and can do real-time docking factories and sales staff, saving problem to deal with the wait time for you.

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CO2 Laser Engraving-11

Our company is committed to the R & D, manufacturing and sales of CNC Router. The products under the UTECH brand include ATC Cnc Router, Woodworking Cnc Router, Mini Desktop Cnc Router, Oscillating Knife Cutter with CCD, Professional Stone Cnc Router, Plasma Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Advertising Cnc Router and other machines.

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